I am of the men and women who care about their own personal development I asked to build a great marriage , what are the demands of his wife . Your answers can be surprising . Is incompatible.
Men want romance , they are honest and timely .
Men honest relationship is a priority . A married man who wants an honest answer to his question , and even information is voluntary and initiatives . His wife wants to have the confidence to believe their wants and needs . His wife wants to be realistic and kindly tell the truth . A man wants a wife who does not blame him , to preserve its authenticity .
Women think their husbands will be oriented to the surface , even as their needs and desires and do not do anything . Women think men are very sensitive and they need to know and want to ignore their demands . Some women believe that anything as it is not allowed to speak , and the bold statement , rejecting the man going to be.
▪ Tips for women : men want in a relationship openly , directly and courageously without anger and blame it on them. One way is gratifying to learn the facts and their needs , he can pass.


● Men , wives, self - assured and confident they want.
A man wants his wife to himself - not out of weakness, emotional and financial needs - wills. A man loves a woman he wants in his life and he needs to be and still maintain the identity and individuality of f . A man wants to be active and independent wives should have separate interests and friends . On the other side of Beria value their spouse .
Women think men want their wives to be needed . Men and women think their lives do not need to join together and do not have any value . Women think if they express their needs , men are discouraged him escape .
▪ Tips for women : A good wife . One of the most powerful ways to attract men and the ideal form of life is exciting and gratifying to have full life for yourself .