For the newlywed whose husband is more in love every day , not a matter of indifference . They like individual characters and their actions are a step closer to his wife , but it's not always the case . Sometimes a woman's every step forward , ten steps back as the man rounds. For a woman who thinks everything into account and spent all his attempts to deal with this issue, is not easy. If you have experienced such feelings should again review your past to know why you did not look in the eyes of your partner's ideal woman ?
This article is in need of explanation and do not mind reading it absolute . Material suggests early general 's conclusions do not win .

● Must Be specific

A man looking for a woman who will stay with him until the end of his life is getting old . A woman who does not complain or fuss does not ruin your day . Reasonable men and a woman with the book they want to support them throughout their lives , and the positions are always able to help can count on .

On the other hand , they bear a striking resemblance to the stereotypical ideal woman, wife, family and society .

● must be satisfied

Men love after marriage , as they previously were . They want a wife who متن های عاشقانه despite their flaws or certain mood to accept and love them for their stay. This is one of the most important things going on in the minds of men .

They hate and love wife eating the same moral reproach and that they make a living and constantly changing , it is not pressed . Unlike most women who are trying to make the dream of an ordinary man in front of their ideal mate , men like to live with a woman who is convinced of the same status quo ( Of course, this does not mean , men and women do not have any problem your wishes as not to be a male prince Mirza Khan drum ).
● try to be nice

True beauty and appearance is the first thing that most men consider their future spouse , but it 's not unhelpful . Men seem to like this place through their choice to kill and an honor to others . Elegance and beauty in behavior can make a positive impact on their selection . Although beauty standards vary from person to person , but can not always keep up with the middle of one of the candidates marriages around you if you're sure.

● Must be ambitious

This item can not be issued a peremptory rule , but most men today are seeking a wife who is nothing more than other women . A special skill متن عاشقانه , knowledge , or a job that can be proud of . Men and women today who love being around family commitments and work routines also take seriously its social activities . This proves that she is able to take his own life over and around women 's empowerment . The ambition of men like a woman , a woman who tries to achieve its goals and simply does not retreat .

● Half of the problems should be yours

Once upon a time many years that men have been drawn into the house to shower alone . Modern men like their women to accompany them moving crisis such as the House knows , sometimes the stresses of life after marriage burden . They just do not like to think , just try , only to be concerned and just act . Men today are looking to partner with them in all these moments and understand the problems of his own problems , not solve them if something is it will be a thanks to the .

● If you love your partner, family and friends

Separating the single life after years of marriage is something that can be the most difficult for a man to fall. Men are afraid of being alone after marriage . They like their previous relationship , this time with his wife on their experience. Relationships with family and friends as well as family members that their participation is important for them . No man can withstand abuse against his family and all his friends, or just spending time with his wife .

They prefer their former family by marriage , not larger than a family, go out and build a new family . Most men keep in touch with new people and new situations are متن های زیبا difficult . They like their women to have good social relationships and link them to the community to help. Aside from this , it is like entering a family with his wife , family relationships and their families together to bring more warm and make them their own lock .

● Must Praise

Being liked and that feels good . Both men are no exception . They prefer to work when you are tired of waiting for a smile and remember the woman who has so much love to sell all the glory .

That's why it's like to have a loving and devoted wife and show it to others . Men who love their wives and their power and praise be to rely . They are the most independent woman for her decision to consult with them and the problems they must rely to enjoy .

● Must be logic

Although a lot of women think a man can sacrifice consummated their love , but the reality is that men prefer their partners to have his own ideas .

● You can progress

A woman, no matter how smart, beautiful , educated , if the progress does not stop after marriage , can not be an ideal wife . Men like their women looking to learn new things and even after becoming a mother , too much time is going to be able to honor him and his children .