A short story of betrayal and romance
A regular guy who had a simple life, not at all what is anger, love, love to say who, up to now no one got more than he was, and therefore does not like what the herki sucks because he loved crying, I mikhndeed!
The herki wmd I said I love one, I would say love and love yours books and movies ...

Days passed and passed until a cold night in a zmstoni, the road was dark and retreats to contemplate a girl herself the way I came beside him, and was denied!
Our son got dkhtrah see the story when she was feeling like a splurge, as this dkhtrah got its name by a lifetime of ...
The feeling was broken, natonst, dkhtrah, but it came following the lamb was a rotten crossroads, until it went away and dkhtrah ...
He also had his own heminjori with that I fell way down the road, so you went and went and went, until I came to himself and see that the Earth is full of brfah ...
Reftsh you're home and that night I fell asleep thinking about the battle, was the one to dkhtrah, also some time I gather you were chhshash lacrimal Nam ...

A few days of that adventure was over and psrah the same way until I see the dkhtrah again!
She poured a time again, but this time went looking for dkhtrah and began walking him and talking ...
In a cold night, and the same kind of mirften way psrah dkhtrah mizd letter, just got nothing until reaching a place where dkhtrah should be separate from the psrah. Finally dkhtrah letter and say goodbye.
Psrah for the first dkhtrah to love in her life, said, laughing a little too dkhtrah and. ..
Psrah didn't understand that means that what was funny, but definitely dkhtrah already himself thought would like it came. That night I had was broken psrah ...

A few days passed until dkhtrah to the son answered and growing friendship request psrah agreed. Psrah's nmidonst khoshalish of the night going. Tomorrow's the day going out with psrah and dkhtrah.
They always have to be so happy together jftshon will die out, when mirften got nothing except think outside themselves, not in that one time that being a life size together welcome 'em out were passing.
Was that a smile dkhtrah psrah do did, being psrah some time together heminjori dont جملات عاشقانه do not understand that the day seek what has been like.
If you got a psrah day dkhtrah nmideed nemishd night that morning, I got a day's nemeshanid day she was weeping.

A few when passed, the other very well together and are comfortable being so bad that day, see the psrah natonst good times, thanks to the same dkhtrah got a little change!
Dkhtrah I was like before, I like to go out before I nemiomad and psrah General said bahooneh OO psrah, creating a mizd ring to each series dkhtrah, dkhtrah I mehrbon do good like before and always loved words and nmyzd the phone got cut off. ..
It was there that one of the psrah what is love and that day had come to cry little by little!
Dkhtrah was a good day was a bad day with the other psrah, that girl wasn't the first story ...

Psrah nmidonst fo dkhtrah a few, what changes when passing a series of heminjori that psrah dkhtrah dkhtrah rang the phone to the other, but I did not answer, finding the answer nemidad dkhtrah rang heminjori psrah few days, always ringing mizd but dkhtrah nemidad answer
A series is that the phone rang psrah dkhtrah gave a dead to answer it!
Psrah when I see you I natonst hmonja the middle of the road, beara taght ran under the weeping
So look at all was to attract tarfsh, hemonjor sight went home and came back with just his grion and got fucked in a day, you would be crying and his face on the impressive open until one finally came out of the room came out and a few other dkhtrah when ringing with ...

Until after a few days, in a cold evening dkhtrah rang and psrah said that I got the SQL bbinmat and psrah so happy tomorrow, I thought that was again like the Qibla
Was thinking of you when we open the location in the Park, hmishgishon, and other dkhtrah like the mikhndan and together the overall welcome has 'em ...

But tomorrow, the psrah went through the same Park and in the same seats that were previously held mishsten
So overall a good letter, psrah dkhtrah came, I said I want to stay, but Ken dkhtrah something you say.
And began to speak, dkhtrah dkhtrah said I got a psrah two years ago was that I very much understand the menu, one year was rozmon night and fucked together and I love my mother very well, but do not agree with our marriage, my mother loves you, you would like to become, but I did not like this, you've got some time together because I was with you yourself, because you nemikhuastm I was going, it was like a cloud, as well as psrah mirikht and dkhtrah the tears spring to continue Ph. ..
Dkhtrah said: you've got a God you go wake my own life and I'll pray for you, that's lucky to get
My God جملات زیبا, you've got to let me, I got someone I love. ..
Psrah heminjori dkhtrah this micherkhid u listen and repeat brushing and psrah was also just cried and got nothing.
Dkhtrah said: I want to tell you that you're mamanem go abroad until I forget u, u are just not to me and not to the stainless khonmon, just pray I get to feel my love to me
Open the psrah say nothing and cried ...
Dkhtrah also said I should go and repeat the other menu you will forget God and went, psrah was dkhtrah as far cry and was, until the night was cold and psrah, and also was loud and went, went in the House was the one crying.

She was crying for two days in his life, heminjori done drops of shkash had been fresh, you'd find that the summary itself someday to be one that was crying, he loved to khndidah was funny because it was and that was his was crying now.